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Message From A Concerned Friend

Stress looks good on you  Have you lost weight? I was going to contact you But I didn't  I waited to hear through the grapevine if you went through with it I wouldn't have stopped you Where would I get... Continue Reading →


Hello, Me again, twice in a day! I've just been looking at my stats and it looks like I've surpassed 2000 followers. Apparently not a milestone WordPress notifies you on. I wanted to say a big thank you to each... Continue Reading →


Inspiration can come to you at the oddest of times. From a gentle breeze on a warm summer's day, from the words spoken to us by a loved one or they can come from the lyrics that touch your heart... Continue Reading →

Falling Apart

Pull that tiny thread and watch me fall apart Unraveling the collected pieces of my broken heart Watch me fall now to the ground See me lay there and make no sound The tears I cry are not for you... Continue Reading →

Alcohol infused memories

I'm sure you called me beautiful The room is spinning I don't want to forget Sarainlalaland 2017 © Featured Image.

It’s time 

Wake up It's time to wake up  Life is happening now This is not a drill I repeat, this is not a drill Wake up!

One Step Ahead

I'm okay have been for a while Look at my face that's a genuine smile but there is something that I must confess I am not used to happiness There is a darkness that follows behind it's always been there... Continue Reading →


We can strive to be beautiful, but our heads are mere protectors of our minds. The true protectors of our hearts. Keep them safe.  Sarainlalaland 2017 © Featured Image.

Monday Blues

I cease to breathe as my lungs fill with sand I'm drowning in my own despair Sarainlalaland 2017 © Featured Image.

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