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Inspiration stirs inside me Words, visions, heartache, happiness I'm ready for anything 

JewelCandle Review & Giveaway!

Hello all! I'm a very lucky girl and I was given the opportunity to try out some products from JewelCandle and they have also been kind enough to give one of you the chance to win one as well. (UK... Continue Reading →

Can we change? 

Self destruction mode activating... No, please! Self destruction mode activating in 3, 2... No, please. Come on, I've worked so hard... Must stay consistent... But everything is different now, things have changed! Misery is consistent, must activate misery... I don't... Continue Reading →

Hidden in plain sight

All this time I knew you, I never knew I'd love you It was the best decision my heart ever made  Featured Image.   Featured Image

Falling in lust 

I dive head first with my eyes closed Falling into fragile love  When it shatters like glass underneath me I fall through  I'm falling  I keep falling This doesn't feel good anymore The deeper I go, the worse I feel... Continue Reading →

This is me

*note: this is a little rough, because I just wrote it. I will come back to it when I have some more time, but I hope you enjoy what I've got so far.  I am the monster under my bed... Continue Reading →

New Start

In order to make a new start, we need a plan and then we need action to put the plan into fruition. There are many hurdles to leap before we can actually say that we are making a new start. Sometimes we fall... Continue Reading →


My voice is a weapon It can be cold and harsh, hurtful and unkind My voice is an instrument It can be soft and warm, loving and can fill you with comfort My voice is a puppeteer it can build... Continue Reading →

Message From A Concerned Friend

Stress looks good on you  Have you lost weight? I was going to contact you But I didn't  I waited to hear through the grapevine if you went through with it I wouldn't have stopped you Where would I get... Continue Reading →

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