Ebb and Flow

This poem is inspired by Auroraboros’ poem A Great Weight Removed. 

Brainwaves erratic
Calm and serene

Questioning how I got here
Wondering where I am going


Thoughts flow
All at once
None at all

Perspective granted
Opinions revoked

Babbling like a brook
Still like a lake

Pen to paper
Mind to words
Feelings categorised
Read and relate

Cracking, crumbling
Smooth on the surface

Making sense
In a nonsensical way

Never ending

Picture by me: Self Portrait.

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28 thoughts on “Ebb and Flow

  1. Matt Thomas says:

    Hi Sara. Great to see some new poetry. I like the sense in this poem that things are both settled and unsettled—we can categorise and set things in place, temporarily, and then they reverse themselves. Art has an end point when we release it, and is never done. We live in the never-ending happening, and yet everything, work, relationships, life, has its own, often irrevocable, end.

    I wrote some poetry the other day for the first time in a long time and it is reall good to have your new work.


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