Hello friends,

I hope the world is turning in your favour and you have a reason to smile today. This post is going to be a little all over the place, but I need to write it to organise my scattered thoughts.

I have been a bit down and out for about a month now and very inactive in cyberspace. This is due to transitions, changes, a lack of motivation and an infection. Generally in myself I have felt fine, but I have been less than productive and this previous week I was bed ridden and the most I could muster on a good day was watching a huge amount of clips on YouTube. I feel like I must have seen every video on YouTube by now! (I know that is not really humanly possible). There will be a post I would like to touch on regarding my time watching some of these videos, but I will do that as a separate post because it is a bit of a big one and needs its own space.

I also have had an idea for a poem floating around in the old noggin for over a month now and I am waiting for inspiration to strike its loving rays so I can finally put words to the idea. This is my general writing style. It is howΒ When the Magpie Stole the MoonΒ came about. I thought about that idea for about 3 months before it became a poem and then the words just came to me and suddenly over night it was a thing.

I have never and most likely will never consider myself to be a blogging expert. I pretty much just go where the wind takes me and have been lucky enough to accumulate some fantastic followers on the way.
I have been thinking lately of consistency and this is where you kind souls come in. Are you at all bothered when I post or how much? I know for me personally if I see too much of one blogger it is a little off putting because it feels like to much to read at once and I will end up missing posts. I like seeing numerous posts per day that are spread out. This of course is just my personal preference, but I think if I started blogging too constantly my posts would begin to lack and maybe even bug you guys who read it. I am however thinking a little consistency will not hurt and I want to attempt at least 2-3 posts per week. I have not yet shared any short stories with you (Fear of rejection), so I was thinking once a week of releasing a chapter or whole story (depending on length) on one dedicated day per week and then the other one or two days stick to writing whatever comes to mind like I do now. I know so far I have been writing on a personal level to help myself first and foremost, so I want to give back to all of you who have been so loyal as to stick with me on this journey. I would like to know what you would like to see more of from me.
I know this might be a variety of opinions or who knows, maybe you do not care at all and I am just over thinking it but if you do have an opinion, I would like to hear it.

My next thought which has been lingering for the last week now is self promotion. As much as it is a bugbear, it will be necessary for me to have to do it every now and then if I am ever going to get to where I want to be in regards to having anything published in the future. For this reason I have reactivated my Twitter account solely for the purpose of announcing when I have posted a new blog or news of any other project etc. So if you are interested in hearing about any upcoming projects I am soon to be working on, you can follow me there.Β I will of course first and foremost be sharing that here first, but hopefully I can put myself out there a little and you never know, it is worth a try.

I will be making a big move at the end of the month and I see this as a challenge for my consistency. regardless of my personal situations I will always try and be true to my word. I know there are a few commitments I have yet to follow through with and that is due to a series of unfortunate circumstances, but that does not mean I have forgotten about them or that they will not happen.

With all of that being said, please let me know what you think (if you can decipher what on earth I am trying to convey!) All I know is writing is the only passion I have ever really had and this is the time I want to see how far I can go with it.

As Autumn is almost here, I will be looking to spruce up my page to match my favourite season. Also as a transition for the changes that are going on in my life. This I usually do with my hair, but I vowed to leave it alone this year to let it grow and not damage it.

Thank you for sitting through another of my ramblings, you truly are great.

Until next time, you are loved.