I have recently got back into the habit of reading books as a hobby, so much so that I will usually now opt for a good book over a tv show. 

I have not read that many books for a long time and I am very glad I am back into the swing of things. 

Reading has really stirred my imagination and has inspired me with lots of new ideas. I have enjoyed mixing it up too and choosing different genres as well as Indy authors. 

I am thinking it would be really cool to start a Book Club section on my blog where those of us who enjoy reading can share, recommend and generally discuss what is out there, old and new. I am even thinking about getting back into book reviewing, so if you have any of your own work and would be interested in getting a review, please get in touch with me on my contact page. 

I am so excited to see what is out there, I love discovering what immerges from other people’s minds, learning different writing styles and getting that feeling of suspense that tv shows and movies are sorely lacking these days. 

I never stopped reading. I am constantly reading articles, blog posts and what not online, but there is nothing like merging your imagination with a writer’s and discovering a different world through their words. 

This is what I want to do and I have so many ideas, I just do not know where to start! Rest assured though, it is going to happen and I am more determined than ever to get some ideas finished. 

If you have any recommendations now, please feel free to share them with me and the lovely people that read my blog. I think this could be the start of something great. 

Until next time, read and get inspired!


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