Something that has piqued my interest recently is what would I do if I had 9 lives. Being aware that I had them and being reborn like a phoenix, but only being limited to 9 lives. They would be different as time would still pass as normal, loved ones would eventually pass and each time I was “reborn” I would be aware I was on the next life. It’s a bit convoluted and without set rules, but I wondered would I do everything the same? Would I change the way I thought and lived each time? Would I choose to be reckless, risk it all, because I know I’d get another chance?

Obviously nothing could be exactly the same because my environment would differ as time went on and I would hope I would be wiser having nine lives under my belt. I was reading a book series recently where a man sacrificed 14 people to gain 14 lives to outlive a cat who he despised. It is a silly concept, but it really got me thinking if I would be more daring at living if I knew I had so much more time than I do right now.

Would there be one love who I could never get over? After they left me, would there be a void that could never be filled no matter how many lives I had? Would I have to age every time I passed into a new life? There are 101 questions I have running through my mind which is making this one topic pretty complex and the more I think about it, the more I do not have answers!

I think if I was aware I’d have chances to start over again, it would make me a little less anxious but at the same time and very contradictory, I’d still want to get things right because this life might be the best one I got.

One thing I know I would do is learn as much as physically possible about the past, present and future. I would know how and things worked, I’d learn multiple languages, I would have the chance to literally explore the world. I would definitely spend a lot of lives trying to discover the secrets of the world. Understanding it with deeper meaning would be amazing. I think I would enjoy growing with the changes. I mean in this life, technology has soared and I’ve witnessed it. I remember when playing with glass marbles was about as exciting as it got and now you can learn about just about anything from a tiny screen that fits in your pocket. It makes me wonder just how much further technology has to go. There are so many undiscovered, un-invented things and they are completely imaginable. Hey, I could even discover one myself!

This post could go on forever, it is a lot to think about and I have not even scratched the surface, but I will leave it here for now. I would love to know how you would live your own 9 lives if you got the chance.

Until next time, welcome to inside my head.


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