*note: this is a little rough, because I just wrote it. I will come back to it when I have some more time, but I hope you enjoy what I’ve got so far. 

I am the monster under my bed
I am the voices inside of my head

I am the shadow creeping up behind me

I am the ghosts I cannot see 

I am the paranoia that overwhelms my senses 

I am the devil on my shoulder with false pretences 

I am the cause of why I weep

I am the reason I cannot sleep

I am also the glint that’s in my eye 

I am also the reason for the highs

I am also the one behind smile

I am also why you want to stay a while 

I am also the reason the angel appears

I am also the reason I face my fears 

I am also the reason there is light

I am also the reason I don’t give up the fight 

I am her and she is me

I am all of what you see

Sarainlalaland 13/05/17

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