Perhaps a 28 day challenge is supposed to start on the first day of a month, but if I followed that protocol it would be somewhat out of character. The first fact about me is that I am very (unintentionally) unconventional. I don’t know why, I just turned out this way.

Without getting too personal (or boring), I thought I would start off this challenge by sharing some stuff about me that might make you feel inclined to join me on this journey. I hope I can see this through, because another fact about me is that my motivation isn’t great right now. One of the reasons I am doing this challenge is to try and break that cycle.

My name is Sara, but it is actually pronounced “Sarah”. This has given me a lifetime of having my name said or spelt wrong, which doesn’t stop getting annoying. I am on the cusp of 30 and I still don’t know what I want to do with my life. I would say that I have plenty of life experience, but there is still a lot to learn.

I’m a little bitΒ neurotic and full of anxiety, but I try not to let that stop me being a functioning member of society. Although admittedly I did for the last half of 2016. I can wear my heart on my sleeve, or be a blank paged book depending on how well I connect to another person. I like to think I am creative. I love writing stories and poetry. They are the mediums I use when I can’t handle my emotions once they go into overdrive.

I have a dog named Ralph. He’s 7 months old and a little scamp, but he does nothing but bring happiness to all he encounters.

Well, I think I’ve kept you for long enough, I’ll leave you to get back to your Twitter, or Netflix, or saving the world. As compensation for having to read this, here is a picture of Ralph. Any feedback or tips on this challenge would be greatly appreciated.



Thanks for reading and stay awesome!