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My week in pictures #2

Hello,I have been away for a week now and as soon as I got here my anxiety disappeared. I am having a really great time and the weather here is beautiful. I have found myself in Sweden again; The last... Continue Reading →

Gone fishing. 

I made it to my destination in one piece. I want to thank everyone again for the support and advice you shared with me on travelling with anxiety.  I have been posting quite frequently, but it going to slow down... Continue Reading →

Roller coasters

When I was a kid I was scared to do anything. There were certain playground apparatus I would not even dare try. The monkey bars? No way, I would not even fathom it. I did not even give it a... Continue Reading →


*I just want to thank everybody who took the time to share tips and advice with me. I have coped much better today than I did yesterday and I am actually starting to feel excited about the trip and not... Continue Reading →

How can I explain how you make me feel?

Where do I start? Heart beating, thudding, beating, pounding - dum dum dum. Catch it please before it escapes my chest I feel so warm, rather at peace I breathe in love, lust, passion, memories, fantasies I breathe out a... Continue Reading →

Introduce yourself 

Hey there, I would like to know, if you're willing to share, something about you as a person. I do not count the people that follow my blog as numbers. You are not a number, you are a person. I... Continue Reading →

Living in fear

If we take the time to look at the world outside of our personal bubbles, what is it that we see? What is it we feel? What is really going on out there? We are the most advance species on... Continue Reading →

Leaving Social Media

Bar giving up on blogging (Which keeps me sane), I have totally given up on social media. I have personally found it to be time wasting and distracting with no real benefits, except getting a little ego boost every now... Continue Reading →


I have recently got back into the habit of reading books as a hobby, so much so that I will usually now opt for a good book over a tv show.  I have not read that many books for a... Continue Reading →

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