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Poetry from the past #2

Hello friends, here is another poem that I discovered among my belongings during the move. This one was written during my last teenage year. Looking over it, it looks like I was beginning to lose faith. apologies in advance for... Continue Reading →



You are the smile that dances across my face when I hear your soothing voice.  You are the uncontrollable laughter, the small chuckles and everything in between.  You are the light that leads me away from the darkness that tries... Continue Reading →

What you wanted to know Part 2

Hello one and all. Here is part two of the 5000 follower Q&A. Thank you to everyone who sent me questions and thank you to you now if you are reading this. Knowing that anyone wants to know more about... Continue Reading →

Clarity, Or Lack There Of

Dear friends, Do you ever feel like you have finally figured it out and then suddenly you are more clueless than ever before? Please tell me that the haze will finally clear. Until next time, it is time to wake... Continue Reading →

Story Time

Good morning my friends, Here is a 7am thought for you. I hope you enjoy. -Sara Hello my friends It is story time That time of the day when I close my eyes Reach into my mind And see what... Continue Reading →

What you wanted to know…

Hello Friends! It is I... It's me, I can not think of anything witty. So we did it and I mean we. This tiny corner of cyber space got to 5000 followers. over 5000 pairs of eyes have glanced at... Continue Reading →

Poetry from the past

Hello friends! I hope that you are doing well. As a lot of you know, I made a recent move and am settling in nicely, bar a stubborn cold that is outstaying its welcome. I've been unpacking and found some... Continue Reading →

This is it, don’t get scared now

This particular post is in a journal-esk style. Written over a couple days and at the time of happening.  I recently discovered that my life fits into four boxes, two suitcases and one backpack. My discovery comes after spending the... Continue Reading →

I am addicted

Hello friends, It seems I have a problem. One I believe to be common amongst recent generations. I appear to be addicted to my phone. I use it so much that it needs charging at least twice a day. The... Continue Reading →

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