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Welcome to my world.


For so long in my life I have been used to having things just out of reach. I have been used to obstacles. I have been used to waiting. I have been used to never knowing when I was going... Continue Reading →

Nine Lives

What would you do if you had nine lives?

Life Update

I have not been able to blog as much as I would like to for the past few weeks. I have been very busy with work and all over the place shifts. I am either working, sleeping or trying to... Continue Reading →

Things that make me happy

Just so you do not think I am all doom and gloom, here is a list of things that bring joy to my life.  My dog, Ralph My mother - her kindness and caring and the fact she has shown... Continue Reading →

I’m Sorry 

Having an erratic mind can often lead me down the wrong path, because I'm too busy in my head to see where I'm going.  Suddenly I snap out of my seemingly endless day dream, look around and discover I'm lost. ... Continue Reading →

A little more about me

I know that recently quite a large portion of my posts can be perceived as dark and I don't know why, because I can promise you I am at the beginning of being the happiest I've ever been.  If I... Continue Reading →


I have an irrational fear of spiders, ever since I was a child I remember dreaming often of them and in my dreams they were huge. Still to this day I dream of spiders, or wake up and think I... Continue Reading →

Welcome home

Shackle me before I go insane. before I do something stupid, before I bleed I want to scream, but sounds only emanate from the confines of my mind I want to hold it together but it's boiling up inside me,... Continue Reading →


I am not your toy I am not your possession I am not your plaything  I am not the target of your aggression You can not dress me up You can not put me down You can not dismiss me You can not... Continue Reading →

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