Things that make me happy #2

Hello friends! I feel that my presence on this blog of late has been lacking. I can not pin point the reason for my absence, but I would like to remedy this so that blogging remains and pleasure and never becomes a chore. A while back I wrote a post listing all the things that... Continue Reading →


Battle cries

The war torn look in her eyes The battle cries The heavy sighs The mountain of lies Heart palpitations Subtle creations Armed at battle stations No hesitations Patiently waiting Silently hating Slowly she's baiting Whilst she's berating On the cusp of war What is this for? Cynical to the core Never again she swore But here... Continue Reading →


Hello Friends, I have been a bit quiet recently, but in all honestly I have not had anything to say. My inspiration seems to have been swept away in a gust of wind and left here feeling rather empty. Empty in the context of writing anyway, because I feel, ultimately too much for my liking.... Continue Reading →

Sadly Creative

Hello friends, I need to ask, because I would like to know I am not alone with this one: Do sadness and creativity go hand in hand? I find this to be a regular occurrence for me. If I am in a depressive state my mind I can conjure up a limitless amount of ideas... Continue Reading →

Don’t Jump

*Trigger warning - This poem contains the topic of suicide.* It must have been cold It is always cold closer to the water If I had known I would have been there I would have brought you a jacket But I was just a child I did not know until it was too late If... Continue Reading →

National Novel Writing Month

Or NaNoWriMo for short. Hello Friends! If you have never heard of NaNoWriMo, it is an annual writing challenge which encourages you to write daily and hopefully eventually you end up with a novel. Simply put anyway. There are progress badges which I think are fun and even sponsors and offers. These I have not looked into... Continue Reading →


Hello friends, Today I find myself in a bit of a bind. My unwelcome acquaintance, Anxiety has decided to pay me a visit. As soon as I start to feel fearless in simple everyday life, anxiety pops round uninvited to remind me that it is not that easy. It is difficult to accept that I... Continue Reading →

Faded cynicism

Hello friends, I do not know where this post is going to take us, all I know is I am feeling thoughtful and I feel the need to type said thoughts out. On one hand I am thinking about nothing and on the other, I am thinking about everything. I know that neither of these... Continue Reading →

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