Let’s Focus on the Positive

Hello wonderful readers who for some reason stick with me through anything, I must say, without you this blog site would have been lost a long time ago. What I wanted to talk about is this: Somehow my blog has turned into a platform of complaints and that is something I do not like. I... Continue Reading →



This probably should have been apparent a long time ago, seeing as I suffer from anxiety on a regular basis, but I can not handle stress. This goes to a point where I worry so much, I make myself ill. I get weak, I constantly feel anxious and a lot of the time I shut... Continue Reading →

Bury me Alive

I want to strive for failure. Put me in a box, of my very own Bury me deep underground so I can be alone Bury me alive bury me alive Bury me alive Bury me alive Bury me alive So I can... Bury me, bury me, bury me until the words lose meaning, just like... Continue Reading →

Glimmer of Light

She speaks so often of darkness Darkness always calls She sounds as if she enjoys the allure Alluring her until she falls She looks as if she wishes to remain Remaining until she can no longer cope But if you look closely, you will see the glimmer of light Lighting the way so she can... Continue Reading →

Feats and Failures

Hello fellow citizens of Earth. I hope December is bringing you joy and togetherness. It is one thing I do admire about the festive season: it makes everyone just that little bit nicer and a little more thoughtful, if just for a little while. Excuse me as I have already gone on a tangent before... Continue Reading →

Why thank you

It seems like just yesterday that I was thanking you all for 5000 followers. Now suddenly another 1000 of you have joined me on this journey that is my life. I will keep this short and sweet, but I want to say a massive thank you for another milestone reached. Believe me when I say... Continue Reading →


Darkness Hollow and cold As I reach out my hand No other to hold Too dark to see shadows Too dark to see skies Too dark to find and wipe tears from my eyes Trapped in a moment Lost and alone Trapped in the darkness Far now from home I can't let it beat me... Continue Reading →

I need your input

*Literally within 30 minutes of posting this, I already have a site name which is perfect and I can not believe I never thought of it sooner. Thank you Chris and Whippoorwill for the idea! Hello friends! I spoke a little while back about starting a gaming blog. Taking it away from this one purely for the... Continue Reading →

Dance and Fall

Lacking balance, short of grace, missing poise and structure. She wants to twirl and leap with joy, but when she tries to dance, she falls. Melodies run through her head, expression she is yearning. She wants her feelings of joy to match her strides, but when she tries to dance, she falls. She knows too... Continue Reading →

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