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What is your story?

It is a glorious day, one of those days where you can stop and appreciate the beauty before your eyes and for just a few seconds, your mind is clear. As you can maybe tell I am feeling much better... Continue Reading →

Post #85

It's me again, are you fed up of me yet? This is my 85th post and I am astonished that I have gotten this far. This is the most consistent I have ever been in my entire life. My blog... Continue Reading →

Follow up

In regards to yesterday's post:Yesterday I wrote a post called Depression doesn't make you a monster.I wrote this post because of a situation that occurred that started to make me feel the way I expressed in that piece of writing.... Continue Reading →

Depression does not make you a monster

Do you ever feel like as soon as you mention the word depression, the person you tell it to flees as if you're a terrifying monster in an old school, low budget horror movie? I only just noticed recently that... Continue Reading →

When the Magpie Stole the Moon

Good evening Mr. MagpieMy oh my you gave me a fright What is it you are up to?I am not used to seeing you out at night 'I stole the moon!' The bird exclaimedYou stole the moon? Sir, please explain'Something... Continue Reading →

Roller coasters

When I was a kid I was scared to do anything. There were certain playground apparatus I would not even dare try. The monkey bars? No way, I would not even fathom it. I did not even give it a... Continue Reading →

Inspiration instigation 

I sit in silence, paused for thought, My inspiration lost I want it back, where did it go? I'll find it at any cost Featured image    

The Pill Emporium

This is very rough, but I have just come off a night shift, so I shall return to it after some sleep. Enjoy!Until next time, night night. -SaraFear not my friend, please do not dwellIt won't take too long to... Continue Reading →

My week in pictures #2

Hello,I have been away for a week now and as soon as I got here my anxiety disappeared. I am having a really great time and the weather here is beautiful. I have found myself in Sweden again; The last... Continue Reading →

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